Nordic Halibut fillet


Atlantic halibut is healthy and nutritious.

Nordic Halibut flesh


Atlantic halibut can be kept for more than two weeks.






Up to 3.5 metres. Weight up to 300 kg.

Atlantic halibut is the largest member of flatfish family, with its eyes on its greyish side and a white blind side. Juveniles are found along the coast of Norway in relatively shallow waters, whereas full-grown Atlantic halibut usually stay at depths of 300 to 2000 metres.
Atlantic halibut spawn at depths of 300 to 700 metres in deep hollows in the banks off the coast or in the fjords.

Atlantic halibut is extremely vulnerable to overfishing - it is territorial, grows very slowly and matures late.

A serving of Atlantic halibut will delight many of the senses. Combined with colorful accessories, the delicate, white flesh of the white halibut is aesthetic to behold. Its juicy, meaty consistency will please your palate, whether it is served as a thick fillet, a cutlet, broiled whole, or bite-sized chunks. Atlantic halibut is also excellent when served raw in a white halibut carpaccio or as sushi. Atlantic halibut has a robust bone structure that is easy to remove, which make both the preparation and the eating a pleasure. With Atlantic halibut on the menu, the chef's creativity will be easily inspired.




Photo: Nordic Halibut